Our Values

Updated 2 years ago by Jessica Ng

Be radically transparent

Trust is earned through honesty. Mikra is committed to pulling back the curtain whenever possible, both internally and externally.

Never stop evolving

Complacency never wins. Science and technology are a moving target, so we know our work will never truly be done.

Prioritize science

In an industry rife with speculation and broken promises, we vow to always remain rooted in scientific data and facts.

Function over form

Whether it’s packaging, taste, delivery system or form factor, our priority will continually be functionality for the consumer.

Respect our people

Complete health requires both respect and gratitude. We will treat others with dignity and kindness and celebrate our unique qualities.

Health is a fundamental right

We believe every human is entitled to exceptional health. This is the foundation of Mikra and the basis for why we are here.

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