When can I expect to notice a difference?

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The timeline of CELLF’s benefits is crucial, and a major part of our formulation. We ask that you trust the process!

Here’s what to expect:

Within 7 days

  • The first continuous week of CELLF will be an adjustment period. While you may experience mild initial effects, the most impactful results will come in the following weeks.
  • Potential mild energy increase

Within 14 days

  • Consistent energy
  • Reduction of inflammation

Within 30 days

  • Reduction of fatigue and general feeling of tiredness
  • Stronger output and recovery during aerobic exercise

Within 60 days

  • Quicker recall and stronger attention span 
  • Deeper and more restorative sleep 
  • Reduction in inflammatory markers within the body

Within 90 days

  • An increase in energy, alertness and activity levels
  • More rapid recovery potential*
    • *A drop in creatine kinase activity and myoglobin concentration in those with exercise-induced muscle damage
  • Accumulation of glutathione stores to combat exercise induced oxidative stress

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