What does CELLF taste like?

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With our new and improved CELLF, we’re happy to say that we were able to vastly improve our taste and palatability from our initial product! In truth, we did not initially set out to make a delicious tasting supplement; we set out to make the most potent and bioavailable supplement to support your fundamental cellular health. Our first version met that standard, but the taste was an acquired one due to the glutathione content. The new version was created in partnership with a master flavorist and closely resembles that of a pleasant, creamy almond butter with a hint of vanilla.

Here's why CELLF is different:

  • Treat your cells...
    We use meticulously sourced, 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar or excess fillers. CELLF may be nourishment for your cells, but it isn’t food. 
  • Potency...
    The precise dosage of each key ingredient in CELLF is backed by extensive scientific evidence and was selected in order to deliver maximum results at safe levels. The potency and volume of the star ingredients do impact flavor. As we evolve and improve our formula, taste will remain a primary focus but never in sacrifice of the level of efficacy. 
  • Effect...
    Why liquid gel, you ask? When certain micronutrients (like glutathione) are consumed orally, they end up being destroyed by your gastric environment before your body has the chance to use them properly. Encapsulating key nutrients within a liposome while also paired with transferrin glycoprotein ensures your supplement not only survives digestion to reach its destination, but can also be fully absorbed and delivered to your cells. The chosen form factor is ideal for this technology specifically.

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