Why is CELLF in individual sachets?

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Once you receive your first supply of CELLF, you may wonder why each daily dose is packaged as single serve as opposed to a bulk bottle or container. There is a very important reason for both the single dose sachets and the form factor of the product itself.

Delivery System
When certain micronutrients (like glutathione) are consumed orally, they end up being destroyed by your gastric environment before your body has the chance to use them properly. Encapsulating key nutrients within a liposome while also paired with transferrin glycoprotein ensures your supplement not only survives digestion to reach its destination, but can also be fully absorbed and delivered to your cells. The chosen form factor is ideal for this technology specifically. Simply put, the liquid gel form factor of CELLF requires a specialty packaging solution.
No Oxygen Allowed
Similar to how oxidation can affect your cells, exposure to oxygen at any point in the manufacturing or packaging process can degrade the potency of your supplements. To prevent this from happening, we use a proprietary bicarbonate downstream manufacturing process, which naturally removes and displaces oxygen, preserving both the potency and efficacy of CELLF.

To prevent exposure to oxygen after it leaves the manufacturer, we selected a single serve sachet to block both light and air completely until you are ready to consume the product. If CELLF were in a pump or syringe instead, there is a greater risk of product degradation; this is not acceptable to us as our number one priority is ensuring CELLF works. To protect that end result, this packaging is necessary at this time.

We are very aware that we have work to do and will continue to focus on perfecting our packaging, as long as that innovation does not put the potency or bioavailability of CELLF at risk.

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